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Google's Framework For Building Mobile And Web Apps

18, 20, 21,22 September 2016 | Bursa, Ramat Gan

With Nir Kaufman

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Get up and running with Angular 2 - the cutting edge
development platform for building web & mobile applications on both client and server.

Students will gain practical knowledge of how to get
started building Angular 2 applications the right way

Module I - Setting the Development Environment

✓ NodeJS
✓ Webpack
✓ Project structure
✓ Setting the IDE for Angular 2 development

Module II - TypeScript Primer

✓ JavaScript 2015 module system (ES6 Import / Export)
✓ Classes and Interfaces
✓ Arrow functions and Template strings
✓ Working with types
✓ Decorators

Module III - Angular Architecture and concepts

✓ Component definition
✓ Breaking a design into components
✓ Components types
✓ Best practices and the design process

Module IV - Components Deep Dive

✓ The bootstrapping process
✓ Building a basic component
✓ Shadow DOM
✓ Templates and Styles
✓ The Component class
✓ Data bindings and Template syntax
✓ Angular core directives

Module V - Component Composition

✓ Components types review
✓ Data projection, building a Wrapper component
✓ Component inputs Working with properties
✓ Component outputs Creating custom events
✓ Components communication using local variables
✓ Best practices

Module VI - Angular Providers & Dependency Injection

✓ Understanding the role of the Provider
✓ Creating and using a class provider
✓ Other types of providers
✓ Understanding the dependencies injectors hierarchy
✓ Common patterns and best practices
✓ Angular builtin providers

Module VII - Angular Router

✓ Configuring a simple route
✓ Route parameters
✓ Defining nested routes
✓ Route guards

Module VIII - Angular Forms

✓ Configuring the forms module
✓ Using ngModel
✓ Template driven forms
✓ Model driven forms
✓ Form builder

Module IX - Data Architechture

✓ Layer style architecture with providers
✓ Stateless, event based architecture with Redux

Your Instructor
Nir Kaufman
Head of Angular Development at 500Tech
Nir Kaufman is the Head of Angular Development of 500Tech - a leading Angular consultancy in Israel. Nir played a major role in Angular teams in many companies and startups in both Israel and abroad as an architect , developer and consultant.

Nir runs the AngularJS-IL meetup group ( 3000+ members), and is a regular speaker at conferences and technology events in Israel and abroad.

He's also the author of 'Angular 2 components' book (packt publishing).
Angular 2.0 Course
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Our Clients

"I think that I participated in one of the best professional courses in my life, well-built, very to the point. Just great facilitator course, open to questions and can explain and convey the material in the best way that I'm very happy and thank you for allowing me to participate in this course."
Sergei Gamzu, Simbionix

"I came to the Angular course as a result of a new project we are doing now, I see the course as very professional and wide, a lot of real-world examples, gives a lot of basic knowledge. There is no hesitation, I would take this course again and bring more people from my company."
Dan Oren, Genesys
"I came to the course through a friend's recommendation, the course has given us the tools to work with Angular, the guide was very professional and caring, he answered our questions throughout the course, even beyond the days of the course. The bottom line is, I strongly recommend the course."
Yaniv Iny, Practitest
"I checked some courses, it was the most comprehensive course in AngularJS, passed it very well, lecturer spent a lot of time, explained very well and gave excellent materials."
Vladislav Levin, Migdal
Open 4 Full Day Course
3,600 ILS

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Bursa, Ramat Gan

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